Cheat to win kart races

This tip is one I use to win RED BULL CHALLENGES in the kart races if you brake less you can pass a kart almost every turn and it’s very easy to get money after that. The race gives about 100.000 GRAND I have almost 58 cars using this trick and I’m only in the first few race groupsimage



gran turismo pic 4

Lots of people use the EBRAKE to drift thats ok but it is much more easy if you use the brakes its a lot harder to get started but when you get good at its very easy the thing you need to do is put abs to off its just like drifting with the ebrake and takumi from INITIAL D used his brakes to drift but dont take my advise the wrong way its just a tip just try it and if you like it keep doing it but if you dont. Do it your way its your choice.